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Strata manufacturing PJSC have had maintenance engineering team on site providing day to day maintenance and operational support activities for one year, the majority of the engineers and technicians are provided through support agreements between Strata and Bryan. In this time, they have proved themselves to be highly motivated and talented individuals, willing and able to learn new skills and techniques to improve their ability to support our manufacturing activities whilst also enhancing our performance capabilities. During the past ten months of production, I have seen the change in attitude and performance of this team as they have strived to adopt new ideas in maintenance practices from completing paperwork for every task undertaken to provide a record of the activity and its outcome, learning to use new technologies as part of an ongoing predictive and condition based maintenance methodology and the acceptance of wider responsibilities where they had no previous experience.

Like most start up organizations, we have had a number of learning opportunities in our first year of life, however, the distance travelled has been immense and whilst we have a much larger distance to go, I am confident that the team of engineers and technicians provided through you will continue to grow with us. The success of Strata today is very much underpinned by the efforts of the maintenance professionals that we have on site.


Steve Green
Plant Engineering Manager
Strata Manufacturing PJSC


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