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Plumbing and Drainage

Our main objective is to provide our customers with complete site service drainage management, relieving the stress of administrative works and leaving the customer to concentrate on their core business, whether preventative or reactive maintenance is being carried out.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

A PPM contract will assist in protecting your property and business from unnecessary damage and disruption. Brayan-Polyteck is currently carrying out preventative plumbing and drainage maintenance works for a number of prestige office buildings, commercial sites and domestic properties.

Plumbing and drainage maintenance visits can be completed on an out of hours basis depending on the client specific requirements.

Emergency Drainage Clearing

Unexpected drain blockages will cause nuisance and can lead to a lot of property damage, which may result in the shut down of a business premises or pose a serious health and safety hazard. Brayan-Polyteck can offer quick and efficient problem confinement and rectification in such drainage emergencies.


Drain Repairs

Drains may crack and joints open up resulting from ground movement, water infiltration or other external factors. Brayan-Polyteck can offer quick and efficient rectification to any drainage problems that might occur, and to suggest solutions for further prevention and long term stability of the site drainage system.

Other plumbing and drainage services that we offer are as follows:

Hot and Cold services

Bathroom drainage

Soil and Waste

Root removal

Drain replacement


Life Safety Systems


Projects Division

Electrical Installations